Public Lands

Sportsmen and women know that public lands provide access to some of the best hunting and fishing in their states—and these wild lands also help ensure the health of fisheries and wildlife habitat downstream.

But in state legislatures across the West, lawmakers are proposing bills that would force the federal government to cede our public lands to the states. Moreover, some members of Congress are calling for selling off of public lands and National Forests that for generations have belonged to all Americans.

That’s a terrible idea. States simply don’t have the resources or staff to adequately manage public lands and cover the costs of fighting fires, maintaining roads and facilities, protecting and restoring habitat and many other responsibilities now managed by the U.S. Forest Service and BLM.

As sportsmen, we know that if a takeover of our National Forests and other public lands occurred, the likely result would be a sell-off of public land to private entities and developers and the eventual loss of access to the places we fish and hunt.

Please take a few minutes to tell lawmakers that our public lands aren’t for sale. Make your voice heard today!